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predilection_rp's Journal

Predilection - Gravitation RP
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After the whole thing with ASK blew over, a new band showed up on the scene, wanting to get famous just as fast as possible. There were two differences between them and ASK, though. One was that their lead singer didn't have a grudge against Shuichi. The other difference? They were ALL girls!

Aura, the all girls band, is a new band from NG that is just waiting to become a huge hit. Of course, there's much competition. Bad Luck is still swarming with popularity and Nittle Grasper is off the charts. Making their way up the system isn't as easy as they probably hoped it would be. Luckily for them, though, they may be able to get some under-the-table assistance.

ASK still lurks in the darkness, and there's no doubt that Tachi is as angry as ever. Now, however, his thoughts aren't even on becoming number one -- they're strictly on revenge. [I added this bit because I rather like ASK, as long as they don't try to take over the entire storyline. xD]

On top of all of that, Tohma's being a tad [and when we say a tad, we mean alot] creepier than usual, and Ryuichi's completely oblivious...

(E-mail me for more info on that, I'd like it to be a surprise)

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Swiped and edited w/permission from m_sariacademy:
1. Be friendly. If you have a problem with someone, talk to one of the mods instead of possibly making the situation worse.
2. When posting Art, RPG's, or anything else, please try and remember to put a subject on them. Art is for art, fanfiction is for fanfiction, and RPG's should have a statement of if they're IC or OOC. Also, all logs should be under an LJ cut.
3. The most important things is to ask questions. If you have an idea or a concern, tell someone! If there is any way to help make the community RPG even more fun, that's great! (IE, concerts, stuff like that) [Also, if you think something's wrong, we won't take it personal. :D]
4. Please try to post at LEAST 2-3 times a week. If you can't be active for some reason, please leave a note in an OOC post on your character LJ or tell one of the mods. We'll have activity checks every so often to see if you guys are even checking your journals.
5. Overall, just have fun! The plot itself is very limited, so create your own, though sometimes there will be some extra.
6. This is a YAOI RPG. This means there is sex and the like between two males. If you don’t like it, please refrain from joining. We don't have an age limit, but if you aren't mature enough to join, don't.
7. As of now we do have minors roleplaying. Please be sure to hide sexually explicated writings behind LJ-cuts!
8. Memes are allowed, but put them on LJ-cuts. I want some meaningful roleplaying! If you can't find anything to post, strike up a plotline with another character and find something to post about. It's all in your hands.~

When posting an RP log, please use a format like this:
Who: who all is roleplaying. xD
Where: because Japan is a big place.
When: not necessary because I know sometimes logs can take many days. ;D Please try, though!
What: just a brief summary. Also include if it's inappropriate or not. <3333 Thanks! ^_^

An LJ cut would also be appreciated.

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AIM: RikuxSoraForever, bIindeddarknessx

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Please apply HERE after you understand the rules. :D