Ryuichi Sakuma (rockstar_bunny) wrote in predilection_rp,
Ryuichi Sakuma

Who: Tatsuha and Ryuichi
Where: Ryuichi's place
What: Tatsuha moving in
When: This week
Warning: none really just some fluff at the end!

"Come on, come on!" Ryuichi squeed as he practically dragged Tatsuha up the walk to his house. Fumbling around in his pocket for the key, he squyeaked when he dropped it. "Eek!" he said, bending down to pick it up. "You got all your stuff?" he said, looking over his shoulder.

Tatsuha was much more interested in Ryuichi's ass. That's what he thought, anyway. "I have it all," he said with a grin, bags under his arms and suitcases in his hands. Surprisingly he didn't have as many items as he thought, and it wasn't that hard to move. He was glad. He was glad that he was getting out of his father's house, he was glad that he was going to be closer to his brother.


But most of all he was glad that he would get to see Ryuichi Sakuma all the time. Oh, life was perfect.

Ryuichi nodded and finally unlocked the door. "Okay come on," he said, pushing the door open and entering. He quickly dashed into the kitchen to see what he had for dinner, then wandered back out. "You want some help unpacking your stuff?" he asked.

"If you're not too busy," he responded happily, setting his stuff down without much thought. He was always one to make himself at home. "Where am I sleeping?"

Ryuichi shrugged. "I dunno, wherever you want I guess..." My bed is big enough for two people, he thought. There was no way he'd say that out loud though.

Tilting his head and looking at the ceiling, Tatsuha tried to figure this out. "Alright. Well, I don't have a bed right now, so I'll sleep on the floor until I talk to either my sis or my bro."

While the perverted thoughts of sleeping in the same place as Ryuichi swimmed around his head, none of it really got to him due to the fact that he was practically on cloud nine.

Ryuichi giggled and grabbed him by the arm. "The hell you are!" he said, dragging him off towards his room. "You can always sleep with me!"

Tatsuha died a little on the inside. "I'd love to sleep with you. Multiple times, even--"

Laughing a little, the teen tried to keep his cool. He didn't need to be a spastic fangirl. "No, uh," but as hard as he tried, though, he couldn't take it back. "Okay, I can't take that back."

Ryuichi just giggled and sat Tatsuha down on his bed. "Okay," he said, nibbling on KUmagoro's left ear. "Unpack first?"

Tatsuha looked around in Ryuichi's room, and then back to his stuff. "You wouldn't mind all of my stuff in your room?" The thought of sharing a room with Ryuichi made Tatsuha's inner psycho giggle insanely and think of the possibilities.

Ryuichi shook his head. "No not really...you won't do anything weird to me will you?" he asked quietly.


Stab. Right through the chest. There was a brief moment of silence when Tatsuha wished he could take back all of his perverted thoughts.

"N-no way!" He chucked lightly, "What kind of person do you think I am?"

Ryuichi smiled brightly. "Okay!" he said, ignoring the second half of the question. Not like he wasn't having minorly perverted thoughts about Tatsuha but still....maybe he was just a bit too nervous to act on them right at the moment.

After staring at Ryuichi for an extremely long second, Tatsuha jumped to his feet and looked at his belongings. "I guess we'd better get to it, then," he suggested. "I know it's not a lot, but I don't like work. So I'd rather get it done and over with."

Ryuichi nodded and went to his stereo. "Hold on a second, lemme put some music on," he said as he popped in a CD and pressed play. As the music filled the room he grabbed a random suitcase and popped it open. "My closet's big enough to share, so...."

That was definitely the wrong box to open.

Tatsuha almost tripped and fell on Ryuichi trying to close the suitcase. "I'll get that one," he insisted, praying that the star didn't see what was in it. That was something he definitely didn't want to see the reaction to.

Ryuichi blinked. "Um..okay..." he said going for another one.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Tatsuha took the dreaded -- but most enjoyable -- suitcase and stuck it in Ryuichi's closet. When that was completely finished, the teen went over to one of his bags and opened it, only to have random Nittle Grasper merchandise fallout on him. "..." He had his special belongings. He had to keep them with him no matter what.

Ryuichi blinked and cracked up. "Lemme help!" he said, bending down to pick the stuff up.

"I, uh... I've been a big fan for a while," he admitted, although it was pretty obvious. He remembered the obsession he 'used to' have. He wanted anything with Ryuichi's face on it, all of their posers, wallscrolls, basic pictures -- anything.

Ryuichi nodded. "You should see the posters of Tohma that Megumi-chan has on her walls...her thing for him almost rivals your thing for me...." He picked up a coupl eof DVDs and put them on the bed to put away later.

"She seems pretty obsessed," Tatsuha added mindlessly, putting stuff away. He smacked himself in the head a moment later.

"Not that I'm obsessed," he corrected, "just, uh... how do I put this? Oh, nevermind." He grinned, looking at Ryuichi. "Not important."

Ryuichi giggled. "I don't think she obsessed, more like, wanting to be as good as he is...she's more obsessed with that cousin of his, if you ask me...." He picked up the DVDs off the bed and tucked them into the bookshelf nearby. "Okay so now what....?"

Tatsuha blinked. "All I basically have left is my clothes, and then..." And then it's just me and Ryuichi! Alone! In his bedroom! "I don't know, anything you want." He looked around, trying to find another conversation topic. Nothing came to mind.

Ryuichi nodded. "S'pose that can wait till later," he said, placing kumagoro on the bookshelf and grabbing Tatsuha. "Think you can wait?" he asked before kissing him.

Tatsuha lost control of himself for that short moment and kissed Ryuichi hard. When he pulled away, the teen ran his hand through his ebony hair and shook his head. "You shouldn't tease me like that," he said with a slight grin. "I may not know how to control myself."

"Who says I'm teasing?" Ryuichi said with a mishcevious smirk, reaching up and running a hand through Tatsuha's hair.

Tatsuha blinked and subconsciously took a small step forward. "I wouldn't know how to tell with you," he said honestly. Placing a small kiss on Ryuichi's lips, Tatsuha came to an abrupt decision that he was going to have to change to deserve all of this. "Thanks for letting me move in," he said suddenly.

"No problem," Ryuichi said, wrapping his arms around Tatsuha's waist and drawing him into a hug. "I figured, since I got lonely here all the time, why not invite the cutest guy in Japan to move in with me?"

Tatsuha carefully hugged Ryuichi back, rubbing small circles on his back. "I never thought that I'd ever actually be this close to you," he mumbled softly, trying to pull himself out of nagging disbelief.

"Life's full of surprises then, huh?" Ryuichi said softly, backing towards the bed and sitting down. Tugging on Tatsuha's hand, he pulled him into his lap and cuddled some more.

Tatsuha looked up to Ryuichi and nodded. He felt like the luckiest, happiest, and most blessed person alive. "Yeah," he said, nuzzling into Ryuichi's neck. "Miracles, too."

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