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Toshiro and Megumi

Arcee 68 25: Megumi entered the apaartment she shared with her brother and threw her purse on the couch. "Ugh I'm exhausted," she grumbled as she flopped over on the couch. "Toshi! You left before me, so you better be home!"
LHSTentomon: Toshiro yawned as he walked into the living room. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair as he sat down next to her. "Calm down, I'm here..."
Arcee 68 25: Megumi waved from the couch and groaned. "Oh man, I got run ragged at work today...." she said. "I need milk and cookies to recover..." She giggled a bit and got to her feet. "I'm lucky I'm not completely worn out...."
LHSTentomon: "If you were, you'd make me serve you." He rolled his eyes and laughed. "Today was rough for me too, you know."
Arcee 68 25: Megumi hugged her brother and nodded. "Yeah I know..." she said. "I'm sorry...I must be pretty selfish to think I'm the only one who go twore out....."
LHSTentomon: "It's no big deal, Megumi. I can handle it, because I get to keep an eye on you." He smiled at his sister and hugged her back. "I so need a girlfriend..." Toshiro muttered and hoped Megumi didn't hear him.
Arcee 68 25: Meguimi nodded. "Guess so...." she said quietly. She'd heard the last thing he';d said, but decided to ignore it. "I just wish I could just...." She shrugged and headed into the kitchen to make herself some dinner.
LHSTentomon: "Hey, get me something, Meg!" He was feeling just a bit lazy.
Arcee 68 25: "Okay!" Megumi said as she grabbed a soda out of the fridge along with a bag of carrots for herself. Coming back out to the living room, she handed Toshiro the soda and plopped down on the floor, tearing into the bag of carrots.
LHSTentomon: "Yuck...vegetables..." He popped open the can and took a sip. "Megumi, the little rabbit." He laughed.
Arcee 68 25: "Hey not my fault Mom got me hooked on carrots when I was little," Megumi teased, a sad look briefly crossong her face at the mention of their mother. "Toshi...?"
LHSTentomon: Toshiro cringed when she mentioned their mother. "Yeah, Megumi, what is it?" He tried his best to not look sad.
Arcee 68 25: "Do you think...Mom would be proud of me?"
LHSTentomon: "That's a good question...the answer's definitely yes though."
Arcee 68 25: Megumi gave her brother a small smile. "I miss her...."
LHSTentomon: "I really miss her too..." He just reassuringly smiled at her.
Arcee 68 25: Completely changing the subject, Megumi groaned again. "Why can't I just tell him I want to be his girlfriend?"
LHSTentomon: Toshiro looked slightly aggravated now and sighed. "Because..."
Arcee 68 25: Megumi sulked. "I can't believe I'm still too shy to tell him! And besides..he's probably too wrapped up in his damned music to be interested in me that way...."

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