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Sakano and Tohma RPG (AIM log)

Who: Sakano and Tohma
Where: Tohma's office
When: Morning
What: Sakano finds a note on his desk from Tohma and goes to Tohma's office to see what Tohma wanted.
Warnings: None
Status: Completed

Sakano: : Sakano walked into work that morning with a simple yellow note on his desk. It reads "Sakano-san, I need to talk to you. Come to my office sometime today if you can. ~ Tohma." He wondered whether it was good or bad, but he decided to get the talk done early. He walked over to Tohma's office, waiting for recognition and an invite in his office.

Tohma: : Tohma glanced up from his desk where he sat reviewing a few things that had been left for
him. Ratings and the like. From behind oval wire rim glasses green eyes watched the door a moment before
glancing back down at his papers and offering a "Come in."

Sakano: : Sakano cracked a smile as he walked into Tohma's office. He hoped Bad Luck wasn't doing
too bad on the charts or anything like that. He couldn't afford to be a failure; not now, not ever. "I got
a note saying you needed to talk to me, Tohma. What did you need?"

Tohma: : Tohma was surprised to hear the informality slip past Sakano's lips. He normally had to
twist the other man's left arm to get him to call him Seguchi-san. But he smiled. That was a good thing.
"Don't worry." He said with a soft smile as he motioned to the chairs in front of his desk. "It's not bad
news." He told him placing an elbow on the desk and his chin in his hand as he waited for the other to take
a seat.

Sakano: : Inside, Sakano felt a little bit relieved. Bad Luck was doing well, so it couldn't be too
bad. He adjusted his glasses and let out a bit of a relieved sigh. He looked at Tohma and noticed him place
his elbow on the newly lacquered desk, which he took as a sign for him to sit down in the leather chairs in
front of the desk. Sakano walked over and took a seat in one of the chairs.

Tohma: : Tohma smiled gently as he tapped one mood ring clad finger on the desk watching the other
man a moment. "Before we start into business." Tohma said. "How have you been? Staying away from
unnecessary stress like I told you to?" He asked with a soft smile tugging at his lips. He knew the
producer stressed far too much, and considering himself somewhat of a friend to the other...he had
suggested Sakano try and take it as easy as he could, but he was sure that wasn't the case.

Sakano: : Sakano could feel his ears turning red as Tohma asked him about his personal life "I've
been rather well lately. Trying to cut down on the stress a little bit, but I doubt that'll last long if
Bad Luck goes on a tour." It was true, he had been trying to cut down a little bit, but he knew it wasn't
to the amount that Tohma and the rest of the world would like. "How about you? Everything going okay with
Nittle Grasper?"

Tohma: : Tohma seemed pleased that the other man was at least trying to do as he asked as far as
the stress. "It's a long hard road to self perfection. Many believe it doesn't exist, but even if it
doesn't, it's enough to keep you going yes?" He asked sending the other man a wink hoping he would keep up
the good job on the stress relief. "Ah schedule has been a bit hectic ever since the band
reformed. I suppose I'm under a bit of stress myself, though I must say it's not all bad stress." He said
happily as he reached up to brush a strand of blonde hair from in front of his green eyes. "Everything
seems to be stabalized right now though..." He mused aloud.

Sakano: : "Well, that's good. At least you're doing well." Sakano sighed with a slight pause. He was getting pretty curious about the business side of what Tohma asked him for. He looked out the window next to Tohma's desk. "Pretty day outside, don't you think?"

Tohma: : Tohma turned slightly and glanced out the window as well. "Yes...It's jacket weather
outside. My favorite." He said staring a moment longer wishing he was outside instead of cooped in here.
But such was life. "Well." He said turning to face Sakano. "The reason I called you here is just to inform
you that I've scheduled a photo session slash interview for Bad Luck along with Nittle Grasper for this
upcoming wednesday with rEvolution magazine." He told him. "I hope this won't be a problem."

Sakano: : "A photo session and interview? No, that's great, I'll be sure to let them know." He
remained suprisingly calm on the outside, but inside, he was turning into a wreck. Millions of things
started racing through his head. How was he going to notify all of the members in time? Would Shuichi even
show up? What if he couldn't get in contact with everybody? "Well, I've got a few phone calls and some
paperwork to do. Thanks for letting me know about the event. Will you be there as well, or do you want me
and Claude to handle everything without you?"

Tohma: : Tohma watched the man carefully. Tohma was always watching people seeing how they
responded to things. It was the one good way to really become a good judge of character. "No I'll be there.
As I said, Grasper has a photo session and an interview for the magazine as well." He told him leaning back
in his chair a little now.

Sakano: : Sakano nodded, cracking a bit of a smile. He sat forward in his seat, preparing to leave
the office. "Is there anything else you needed? I think I'm going to go back to the office and get that
paperwork done and the phone calls made."

Tohma: : "No." Tohma smiled back at him. "That was all. Have a good day." He told the other man as
he pulled another paper towards him and adjusted his glasses on his nose before signing it. "And
sakano-san?" He said not looking up from his paperwork.

Sakano: : Sakano nodded and got up from his seat in the leather chair and was walking out of the
office as Tohma said his goodbyes. At hearing his name, he turned around and put his hand on the door
frame. "Yes, Seguchi-san?"

Tohma: : "Smile more hmm?" He said still scribbling his name over the sheets of paper in front of
him. Somehow he was able to signal the end of the conversation without even doing anything or saying so.

Sakano: : Sakano blushed a little bit at Tohma's somewhat small request. He cracked a soft smile
out of the corner of his mouth and said "Don't worry, I will." He walked out of the office with that little
smirk all the way to his office, ready to do the paperwork and make the phone calls.

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