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Eiri and Tohma RP

Who: Eiri and Tohma
Where: Eiri's apartment
When: Late afternoon
What: Tohma brings Eiri some strawberry shortcake during one of his routine checkups on the author.
Warnings: None that I know of

Tohma stood outside of the author's door and knocked gently. In a bag he held in his hand was strawberry shortcake. Eiri's favorite. As he waited the keyboardist glanced down at his feet noting how nicely the baggy, yet oh so nicely fitting khaki's he had on bagged out over his sneakers leaving just the tip of them visible. He liked that he decided.

He reached a slender hand up and brushed a stray strand of hair from in front of his green eyes, smoothing out his black button up shirt, made of slightly silky material. He had just come from a photo shoot and had rather liked the outfit. It was causual. He liked casual. Tohma hummed a light tune as he waited for the door to open but soon decided to just let himself in. As he made his way into the apartment he closed the door behind him. "Eiri?" He called out glancing around for the writer.
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As he usually did, Eiri sat in his office in front of his desk, glaring at his laptop. He was working on his newest novel. It, at that current moment, was really just a rough idea he had in his head, but he did figure he might as well start working on the thing. However, the process seemed a bit slow lately due to the whole journal thing becoming popular. He would never admit it, but he took a break several times in the course of the day to look over the posts the others had written. Most everything in there seemed ignorant to him, but it never hurt to know what everyone else was doing.

... Or when someone was planning to drop by.

It didn't take long for him to hear Tohma's voice. It was just like him - walking in before Eiri even had the chance to answer the door himself. Sighing, he stood up from his current position. He raised his arm up and ran his fingers through his hair, walking into the front room with a cigarette pressed between his lips.

His eyes narrowed when he caught sight of the blonde. He didn't smile, nor frown, simply looked at the bag he was holding and asked, "You brought the cake, didn't you?"

He didn't really care about anything else at the moment.
Tohma smiled gently as Eiri arrived in the living room. He didn't take Eiri's lack of enthusiasm to see him to heart. No no. He had learned quite well not to. He knew that Eiri didn't despise him the way he pretended to. Even though Tohma felt he should sometimes. He knew that on the inside, Eiri enjoyed seeing him every so often. And if not...then the musician had been delusioning himself all these years.

"Of course I did." He smiled softly letting out a soft laugh.

"Why? Do you want some?" He teased gently nodding with his head for Eiri to follow him into the kitchen.

"Come on...let's get you fed." He said as he set he cake on the breakfast bar in the center of the kitchen and began bustling around pulling down plates and forks and a knife.

"Sit." He ordered him glancing over his shoulder at Eiri as he stood on tip toes to get the plates down.
"You brought the cake, therefor someone has to eat," he responded to the question as he followed Tohma to the kitchen. "Since we are the only two present, it might as well be us."

Of course he wanted to eat the cake. Not only was his stomach growling like mad, but it was also one of his favorites, so he was somewhat looking forward to getting a few bites of it.

Once Eiri stepped foot into the kitchen, he took one last puff on his cigarette before pulling it out from between his lips. He put it out in the nearest ashtray and then walked over to his refrigerator, pulling the door open. It took no time for him to retrieve a can of beer and pop the tab of it, taking a rather large gulp while taking a seat as the blonde commanded him to.

"You know, I could cut the cake myself," he groaned, rolling his eyes as he set his can down. "I know you're probably busy. No need to stick around here."
Tohma just hummed gently in ammusement as Eiri insisted that he could cut the cake himself and that there was no need for him to hang around anymore.

"Yes, I'm very sure you could Eiri. But tragically for you. I'm going to have some of it with you so that we can chit chat a little before I need to get back to the office." He explained bringing down the two plates finally turning and setting them on the breakfast bar. He frowned gently at the beer that Eiri had gotten for himself.

"Beer is not a food group." He said in passing as he cut two pieces of the cake placed forks on the plates, and scooted Eiri's across the counter to where he was sitting.
Eiri frowned and eyed the cake that had been passed over to him. "Beer might not be a food group for the average person, but I am not average. It is in my food pyramid," he responded, "Preferably in place of vegetables. But then I would have to move that to the bottom so it would be the largest."

Without hesitating, Eiri picked up the fork on the plate in front of him and began to dig into the cake. He took a rather large bite, then looked over at Tohma, "It's decent." But actually, it was rather delicious, and in a matter of seconds, nearly the entire slice of cake on his plate was gone.
Tohma just shook his head. He hated beer. It was disgusting. But he did enjoy hard liquor and fine wines. But was just gross.

"Whatever you say Eiri." Tohma said voiceing his dissaproval still, but making it so that Eiri seemed to have won. That was teh way it always was. The blonde keyboardist watched with a tiny smile as the writer seemed to enjoy the cake even was only 'decent' according to Eiri. Tohma knew the entire cake would be gone in the span of two days.

He took a small bite of his own cake himself. It was wonderful, so he knew Eiri was faking it.

"Been staying out of trouble I hope." Tohma said teasing softly.
A few soft mumbles escaped his lips as he continued to eat on the slice of cake that had been given to him. "Uhuh," was the first thing that could be heard which was even relatively coherent. "I am not a child. I don't get in trouble anymore."

He set his fork down against his plate then picked up his can of beer which he had opened a few minutes previously. As he took another large gulp, he looked over at Tohma. "I... have not been doing anything. Writing is about all I have time for," he said, putting the can to the side.

It was a bit strange. Even though he normally did not enjoy the company of others a great majority of the time, he didn't seem, for once, to mind that Tahoma had came. Sure, he had spent a lot of time with Shuichi lately, but it was a bit different. For one thing, the blonde wasn't nearly as annoying as the younger boy. That right there gave him some brownie points. Of course, Eiri did care for Shuichi, but sometimes... it just got to be a little too much.

But he was still, of course, being a bit hard to get along with. It was just how he was.

He finished off the last forkful of cake then pushed his plate back a bit. "I'll save the rest for later."

Tohma listened as Eiri talked about not having time for anything but writing and he nodded gently.

"Well might be good for you to get out of the house a little more don't you think. That sounds nice hmm?" Tohma asked resting his elbow on the table an his chin in his hand as he watched the writer.

"Maybe one day this week we could go out for lunch or something of that sort." He suggested before taking another bite of cake savoring the sweet flavor of it.
The idea in itself was not a horrible one, and he figured it would probably do himself some good to get out and get some fresh air, seeing as he spent most of the past several days cramped up in his office working on his writing.

"Lunch...." Eiri repeated out loud. "Fine. Just this once."

It wasn't often that he would easily agree to doing something like that, but he figured that he might as well not put up an argument, since Tohma would probably not take 'no' for an answer, anyway. "What day?"
Tohma was pleased beyond belief that Eiri had agreed to go to lunch with him so easily. He must have been getting a mild case of cabin fever, in which case Tohma was more than happy to help cure it by dragging him out into the world of the living.

"How about this friday?" He asked trying to think of when would be a mostly free day for him so that he could concentrate on spending time with Eiri and not when he had to be back for his next meeting.