Akito Sanata (mymagicword) wrote in predilection_rp,
Akito Sanata

Who: Aki and Tohma
Where: Aki's bathroom/Tohma's office
When: Sunday Evening
What: A follow-up phonecall to the photoshoot/interview idea.
Warnings: Aki = wet and naked
Status: Completed.

The tops of Aki's cream colored knees protruded like hills from the water, the soap suds lacing the surface preventing anything below from being seen. Not that there was anyone else there who could witness the nude journalist relaxing in the tub. The lavender fragrance the bubble bath provided did its job in calming him, the warmth of the water soothing his aching muscles as he let himself go for the first time since five o'clock that morning.

The water sloshed a little as he shifted, one dripping foot rising from the deep like Nessy, using his toe to turn off the flow filling the tub before he submerged the limb once again. Leaning back against the porcelain, the tall man squeazed the fluffy tan sponge twice, lathering it up before he brought it to the graceful curve of his neck and shoulder, scrubbing lightly.

His hair was piled neatly on top of his head in a tie, keeping it far enough away from the level of water to prevent it from getting wet. His arms slipped back down under the surface of the water and he closed his eyes, enjoying the scent of the bath once again, along with the candles burning nearby on the sink and counter.

Bathtime was his favorite part of the day, a chance to forget about all that had happened, and feel his body breathe a sigh of relief as the warmth soaked into him.

The day had been rather interesting, talking to a few of his superiors about Seguchi Tohma's desire to work with them again. They'd been thrilled, and commended him for a job well done, though he hadn't exactly told them he'd had anything to do with it. Opening his pale eyes again, he lazily turned his head toward the cellphone resting within arms reach on the chair beside the sink. He owed Seguchi-san a phone call to let him know how the meeting had gone.

Now was as good a time as any, he figured, assuming it would be a short phone call, though pleasurable, something he'd appreciate along with his ritualistic bath. Of course, the thought of being naked while speaking to Seguchi didn't hurt either.

With a smirk to himself, and a chide, he raised himself a little on the bottom of the tub, reaching over to grab the cellphone before returning to rest comfortably. He flipped the little contraption open and pressed a few of the arrows until the correct number appeared. Pressing the Send key, he raised the phone to his ear and listened, hoping his favorite celebrity wasn't too busy to answer.
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