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Eiri and Tohma RP

Who: Eiri and Tohma
Where: Eiri's apartment
When: Late afternoon
What: Tohma brings Eiri some strawberry shortcake during one of his routine checkups on the author.
Warnings: None that I know of

Tohma stood outside of the author's door and knocked gently. In a bag he held in his hand was strawberry shortcake. Eiri's favorite. As he waited the keyboardist glanced down at his feet noting how nicely the baggy, yet oh so nicely fitting khaki's he had on bagged out over his sneakers leaving just the tip of them visible. He liked that he decided.

He reached a slender hand up and brushed a stray strand of hair from in front of his green eyes, smoothing out his black button up shirt, made of slightly silky material. He had just come from a photo shoot and had rather liked the outfit. It was causual. He liked casual. Tohma hummed a light tune as he waited for the door to open but soon decided to just let himself in. As he made his way into the apartment he closed the door behind him. "Eiri?" He called out glancing around for the writer.
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