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Akito Sanata

Who: Aki and Tohma
Where: Aki's bathroom/Tohma's office
When: Sunday Evening
What: A follow-up phonecall to the photoshoot/interview idea.
Warnings: Aki = wet and naked
Status: Completed.

The tops of Aki's cream colored knees protruded like hills from the water, the soap suds lacing the surface preventing anything below from being seen. Not that there was anyone else there who could witness the nude journalist relaxing in the tub. The lavender fragrance the bubble bath provided did its job in calming him, the warmth of the water soothing his aching muscles as he let himself go for the first time since five o'clock that morning.

The water sloshed a little as he shifted, one dripping foot rising from the deep like Nessy, using his toe to turn off the flow filling the tub before he submerged the limb once again. Leaning back against the porcelain, the tall man squeazed the fluffy tan sponge twice, lathering it up before he brought it to the graceful curve of his neck and shoulder, scrubbing lightly.

His hair was piled neatly on top of his head in a tie, keeping it far enough away from the level of water to prevent it from getting wet. His arms slipped back down under the surface of the water and he closed his eyes, enjoying the scent of the bath once again, along with the candles burning nearby on the sink and counter.

Bathtime was his favorite part of the day, a chance to forget about all that had happened, and feel his body breathe a sigh of relief as the warmth soaked into him.

The day had been rather interesting, talking to a few of his superiors about Seguchi Tohma's desire to work with them again. They'd been thrilled, and commended him for a job well done, though he hadn't exactly told them he'd had anything to do with it. Opening his pale eyes again, he lazily turned his head toward the cellphone resting within arms reach on the chair beside the sink. He owed Seguchi-san a phone call to let him know how the meeting had gone.

Now was as good a time as any, he figured, assuming it would be a short phone call, though pleasurable, something he'd appreciate along with his ritualistic bath. Of course, the thought of being naked while speaking to Seguchi didn't hurt either.

With a smirk to himself, and a chide, he raised himself a little on the bottom of the tub, reaching over to grab the cellphone before returning to rest comfortably. He flipped the little contraption open and pressed a few of the arrows until the correct number appeared. Pressing the Send key, he raised the phone to his ear and listened, hoping his favorite celebrity wasn't too busy to answer.
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Tohma sat in his office. It was after hours, and as usual there he was. Still signing papers, and still looking over figures, and charts, and handling complaints from other companies. All of those things needed to be settled immediately. He couldn't risk being on bad terms with companies he needed. Though he knew that in the end they needed him and his company more than he needed them.

The blonde CEO rested his elbow on his desk a moment letting a soft sigh escape his lips as his hand reached up behind his oval wirerim glasses to rub his bright green eyes. He needed coffee...something, anything to keep him awake. He glanced over at the coffee maker and sighed once more getting up and making his way over to it. Hazelnut coffee sounded nice at that point. He mentally chuckled to himself. He was breaking out the flavored coffee, he might as well take caffiene pills or something. Flavored coffee was serious business in the working world. If you smelled flavored coffee brewing out of your boss's office, you stayed away and that was that.

Thank god everyone was gone. He didn't need his secretarys offering advice on stress relief or suggessting that he took a much needed vacation. As he was pouring the coffee into the filter he paused as the light jingle of his cell phone went off and he reached to were he had it clipped on the side of his pants and brought it to his ear.

"This is Seguchi." He said holding the phone between his shoulder and ear as he finished pouring the coffee and preparing it to be ready to brew.
A tiny voice in Aki's head squealed in delight as Tohma's called out over the phone, but he knew it wouldn't get any farther than that. He'd had years of practice in keeping his own excitement tied down, or at the very least hidden, especially when it came to the biggest names in Japan. Composure was key, though he couldn't think of any other person he'd come across that came as close to unwavering that resolve as the one he currently had on the phone.

Even in the privacy of his bathroom, the professional smile appeared instantly as his body nestled itself back against the tub.

"Ah, Seguchi-san, good evening, this is Sanata Akito from rEvolution magazine. Just calling to give you an update on the scenerio inquired about yesterday. Is this a good time?"
Tohma paused then smiled as he was informed who was on the phone. His stress seemed to vanish for the time being, but he was still as professional as ever. Sanata-san was a very nice man. He was glad it was him and not someone else.

"Good evening Sanata-san." Tohma said hitting the brew button and turning around to lean back against counter the coffee pot sat on in his office. He looked at his nails playing with them gently still holding the phone with his shoulder, his head tilted slightly to hold it in place.

"Yes, You're timing is very good. I'm just making some coffee." He said conversationally.

"You have good news for me yes?" He asked smiling gently as he fiddled with his wedding ring.
At the mention of coffee, Aki instantly wondered what kind, as it was never a question he'd thought to ask during an interview. Usually no one cared about that sort of thing, but the true fans wanted to know it all. That would be something he'd take into consideration at the interview.

"Indeed I do." He crossed one dripping leg over the other as he sank a little lower, the water level rising to the top of his chest as he spoke. "The magazine is most interested in your idea and they'd like to pursue it as soon as you're willing. Both bands are invited to a photoshoot, and an interview conducted by yours truly, if that's satisfactory with Seguchi-san."

He couldn't help but keep the pleased, teasing tone from his voice as he spoke, the little voice carrying on inside of his head in a sing-song manner. I bet you can't guess what I'M doing right now~
Tohma glanced over his shoulder to check the progress of the brewing coffee as Akito spoke to him delivering him with the good news he desired. He needed to get a new coffee pot as this one brewed entirely too slow for his tastes.

"Mmhmm.." He hummed out, a smile appearing on his lips as he brushed a brushed a stray strand of blonde hair from in front of his bright green eyes.

"That sounds wonderful thank you Sanata-san." He told him glancing over his shoulder once more and sighing at the evil coffee pot that was keeping him from enjoying the sweet taste that he craved right now. So while he waited Tohma reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of cinnamon candy and unwrapped it popping it into his mouth. He always kept candy in his pockets as he had a bit of a sweet tooth.

"So is it safe to set up a date and time or are we still waiting to see what the photographers are up to?" He asked positively thrilled and happy now that he had been given good news and had candy in his mouth.
Tilting his head to the side, he smiled, content with just listening to Tohma talk, but he had to pay attention, as these were matters of great importance. His toes wiggled a bit in the air, glistening from the light above the tub as he traced a finger around a pile of suds, shaping it into a cone.

By the time he was finished playing around with his soap pile, he acquired a sneaky grin, swiping the mass away with his hand, wondering just how he'd managed to make it look like a penis without trying.

"Once you've decided which is most convenient for you, you can either contact me or the magazine itself to relay. My availablity is unlimited for this particular case, so feel free whenever you need to." Sitting up a little, the water sloshed and he wondered if Seguchi could hear it on the other end.
Tohma had begun to play with his fingers again as he spoke and as he listened to Akito speak to him on the matter. But just as fast as he had started he stopped as the coffee pot had clicked off. Finally.

Turning around to pour himself a cup of coffee Tohma took in everything Akito was saying and he smirked a bit as he heard the faint slosh of water in the backgrond. The sound was familiar to him and he smiled gently to himself. He couldn't even begin to tell you how many phonecalls he had handeled while being at home in his bathtub. Very important representatives from other companies had spoken to him while he had been up to his neck in bubbles many a time before.

"Hmm" He hummed gently into the reciever as he tried to pick apart his schedule in his mind.

"Well...how would Wednesday sound to you?" He asked taking a sip of the coffee. It had been well worth the wait he decided to himself.
Aki listened to the sounds on the other end of the phone with keen interest, trying to figure out what exactly it was Seguchi-san was doing. He'd mentioned coffee before, so the journalist safely assumed that the noise he was hearing was the musician going to retrieve it.

"Wednesday's perfect. I'll run it by the magazine but I don't think it will be a problem." Bracing his free hand against the side of the tub, he lifted himself, the water more than audible he imagined. Stepping out in the nude, he made his way to the bedroom, not caring that he was dripping all over the tile floor, and then the thick carpet.

His notebook lay open on his bed, the pen nestled beside it and he leaned over it, flipping to Wednesday. "What time do you think will be good for you, do you think?" He put a tiny heart beside the day and turned, moving to sit down on the edge of his bed to wait for a reply.
Tohma definately heard the water that time and was more than sure now that he had been contacted during the other man's bathtime. It didn't bother him though. When you were a busy person, it was what you had to do.

"Let's see." His voice left his lips almost melodically. Coffee cup in hand, Tohma made his way over to his desk taking a seat on corner of it and opening the drawer next to his leg pulling out a black planner. He flipped through it until he reached this Wednesday. He hummed the tune of a Grasper song without realizing it as he searched for his pen.

"Dammit." He breathed out laughing ever so gently into the reciever as he began to lift up papers.

"I lost my pen. I'm sorry. Hold on." He said laughing again, almost a giggle but not quite. As he lifted up one of his unsigned papers he found it.

"Ah alright...sorry...let's see..." He hummed a light tune again as he went through his times.

"Eleven-thirty?" He asked flipping the page and scanning just to make sure that was the best time he could come up with.
Aki smiled to himself, listening again, sliding down onto the bedspread on his back, his fingers idly grazing over his own stomach. His toes curled and swayed as his eyes closed, his other hand turning and flipping the pen over the tops of each of his fingers and back again.

He released a breathy laugh at Tohma's curse, moving the hand that hadn't been holding the pen over to his schedule, gazing at it as he waited for the other's response.

When he got it, he sat up, taking a note of it and nodded. "Eleven-thirty is fantastic." He had another appointment at ten, but he could reschedule that to make sure he was in prime condition. He crossed one leg over the other, bringing the book up onto his lap and crossed out everything before that time. Glancing at it again, he thought for a moment, and crossed out everything after as well. "If anything changes, just let me know."
Tohma smiled and began to scribble the appointment down in his book once he got the go ahead from Akito. His writing was neat yet sharp. Glancing at it, opened his drawer and pulled out a red pen circling it. That indicated that if the meeting ran over his other appointments were to be rescheduled by his secretary. It showed the meeting's importance to him.

"I will be sure to do that Sanata-san." He spoke gently into the reciever before taking another sip of coffee. A small silence lingering before he spoke again.

"Was there anything else you wanted to speak to me about?" He asked running his index finger over the smooth surface of his desk, green eyes watching it as he waited.
What's your favorite color?

What kind of coffee do you like?

Movies? Authors? Composers?

Do you want to come over?

The little voice bombarded him again and he ignored it, smiling against the phone. "No, I believe that was all, unless Seguchi-san can think of any other topics to discuss."

He closed his book and set it aside, glancing in on the bath again, contemplated sliding back inside. He was rather content where he was, however, just as long as Tohma was still on the line.
Tohma had hoisted himself up to completely sit on his desk now instead of sitting halfway on it. He had one leg crossed in front of the other and was swinging them just slightly still sucking on the piece of candy in his mouth happily. In some ways Tohma was like a little kid, but only alone or with someone he was comfortable with. He had a great personality but everyone was scared of him.

They looked up to him like he was some kind of demi god. When really he was just a man with alot of connections, self made power, very good persuasion skills, and a huge company who enjoyed to listen to and play music, eat candy, drink lattes, and generally have a good time when there *was* time. However...those who crossed him and deserved to suffer his wrath, did in fact meet their end either through career distruction or...otherwise.

"Well no." He said finally. "I....can't think of anything else that needed to be discussed." He paused as though trying to think if there was anything he missed.

Was he stalling?
There was a strange noise and Aki leaned into the phone a little more, using his free hand to plug his ear as he attempted to figure out what it was.

After a moment of listening, Aki's brain promptly died.

Tohma was most definitely sucking on something.

When the musician spoke again, the journalist barely heard the first few words before he realized that they were probably going to hang up within the next moment or so. He thought quickly, anything to get Tohma to stay on just a little bit longer.

"For the bands, would you like the interviews to be conducted together? Or seperately?" It was a valid question, but not exactly required.
Tohma promptly paused in sucking on the sweet piece of candy in his mouth to think about Akito's question. It was a good one. He hummed gently in thought tapping his slender fingers on the desk as he worked it through in his head.

"Seperately I would think.." He mused aloud.

"Of course that would take up a little more space in your magazine...would that be a problem?" He asked starting to let the piece of candy roll around in his mouth again as he waited for an answer. His green eyes moved to look out the large window behind his chair. The city lights took over his vision and he smiled. He loved the city.
"I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem." Aki smiled to himself, realizing the conversation was lasting longer than was professionally neccessary. Besides, Seguchi-san was more than likely a very busy man, not to be bothered by such matters with a journalist.

"Well, should I think of anymore questions. I'll be sure to call again." He added, noting to himself not to make the questions as trivial as the ones the little voice in his head were asking. What are you doing? What are you sucking on? Are you sure you don't want to come over?

"If you can think of anything, please don't hesitate to call."
Tohma nodded even though the other man couldn't exactly see that. Then corrected himself and spoke into the phone reciever.

"Yes..." He said taking one last look at his planner before setting it off to the side. "If I think of anything. I'll be sure to contact you." Tohma informed him.

"Until then, I hope you have a wonderful night Sanata-san." Tohma told him cheerfully.
"Thank you, I hope the same Seguchi-san. Thank you very much for your time." With that, he paused before hanging up, glancing down at the phone for a moment before he stood, making his way back to the tub.

It already was a wonderful night.
Tohma thanked him smiling gently before hanging up the phone as well.

"Hmm" He hummed to himself before sliding off of his desk and taking a seat back in his chair. Sanata-san was a nice man. He decided inwardly and made a note to do more business with them in the future than he had originally planned.

Then it was back to signing papers.