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Ryuichi Sakuma

RP Thread - Ryuichi/Tatsuha (FINISHED)

Who: Ryuichi and Tatsuha
Where: Kyoto
When: Earlier this month
What: Ryuichi asks Tatsuha to move in with him XD

Ryuichi had just gotten ot Kyoto and was sitting on the ground in front of the temple that Tatsuha's family ran. He snickered when he read Tatsuha's latest journal entry and hugged Kumagoro as he made his reply using his cell phone. Then he flopped over on his back and stared at the sky, scratching Kumagoro behind the ears. Come on when are you gonna read it....? he thought.
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Tatsuha gave his computer an odd look as he looked through his emails. It was the normal crap: spam, forwards, and-- "Ryuichi?" He spoke to the computer, as if it were to answer him. Look out your front door...

Scratching his head, Tatsuha made his way to his front door and opened it, finding himself a little blinded at first. The sun glared in his eyes. He blinked a few times, still a little confused. There was nothing out of the ordinary. A walkway, the grass, and Ryuichi laying on the ground with a pink bunny...


His eyes widened. "Ryuichi?" he said again, though this time his tone was enthusiastic and obviously shocked.

Holy shit! His mind practically went berserk. Is that really-?! My honey! Ryuichi! Is laying outside of my door! Dear lord! Please, lord, tell me this is real. Please...

As not to make a fool out of himself, though, the ebony haired teen simply stared at what he hoped to be the object of his desire, and silently prayed that Ryuichi would answer and tell him this wasn't just another dream.
Ryuichi sat up and smiled at Tatsuha. Heh, he's even cuter in person, he thought. "Hi," he said, getting to his feet and went over to him and plunked Kumagoro on his head. "Told you I'd come check on you!" ^_^
And there he was. Tatsuha, feeling as though everything he had ever lived for had suddenly been worth it, like the world was a wonderful place, and that Ryuichi Sakuma had suddenly become much, much, much more beautiful.

If it were possible, shoujo-type flowers would have bloomed around the teen. His heart skipped a beat, and before he knew it Tatsuha was suddenly doing what he had always said he'd do if he ever met the great Ryuichi Sakuma. And that was, of course, to jump on him and find that he was at a loss for breath.

"Sakuma..." he said heavily, as though the other were honestly a God. He could not believe that he was seeing, let alone touching the object of his deepest desires. "You have got to be kidding me--"
Ryuichi blinked as Tatsuha latched onto him. "Well hello to you too," he said.

Oh man, poor kid was about to freak out. So I can't do the other thing I had in mind or else he'll die of hormonal overload or something. Ryuichi carefully pried Tatsuha off of him and draped an arm over his shoulder. "So...aside from being totally thrilled to see me, what's up?" He took Kumagoro off Tatsuha's head and put it on his own.
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Ryuichi was touching him. ... Touching him. Holy shit.

It took a moment or two for him to calm down, but Tatsuha eventually regained humanity. He began actually focusing on what was going on, and while it was completely unbelievable, he slowly began soaking it in. So, Ryuichi had actually come to Kyoto to "check up on him." And he was honestly there, beside him. He was still at a lack of words.

"You-- you actually..." He scratched his head, trying to make sense of this. He is so much better in person-- His mind rambled while he was trying to be serious. The Nittle Grasper videos don't even compare...

"You actually came down to Kyoto," Tatsuha finally finished his sentence, his tone going in and out of lingering disbelief.

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Ryuichi giggled then gave Tatsuha a quick smooch. "So...you wanna get the hell out of Kyoto and move in with me?" he said nonchalantly.
Tatsuha died. No, really, he did.

"You--" He gave up on asking if Ryuichi was serious or not. This was unbelievable. "Yes-- er, only if you mean it. You're not just messing with me?"

"Of course I mean it!" Ryuichi said, pouting a little bit. "I get pretty lonesome living in that apartment by myself...I don't even dare go out at night in case I get mobbed by fans...."
Ryuichi... lonesome... that means--

Tatsuha fought off his perverted thoughts and gave Ryuichi a mixed look of shock and excitement. First he was touching him, then he was kissing him, and now he was asking Tatsuha to move in with him?

Oh, this was all too good to be true. Far too good. He gets mobbed by fans, Tatsuha thought to himself, trying to make sense of this, but he doesn't mind me--

"We hardly know eachother-- er, I mean, of COURSE I'd want to go to Tokyo, but... I, uh, don't get it."
Ryuichi stepped back a bit and studied the trees foir a moment. Then he took a deep breath and said, "Well...remember that concert a couple of months ago? The one you nearly mowed me down at?" He giggled a bit at the memory and continued. "Well...it's like....I don't know, I haven't stopped thinking of you ever since...." I hope he doesn't think I'm stupid, he thought, hugging Kumagoro and watching Tatsuha a little nervously.
Tatsuha blinked at the other's words. They seemed so pure, Tatsuha almost wanted to confide in them.

And he could never seem to stop asking himself if this was honestly occuring or not.

"I--..." he rubbed the back of his head for a moment, trying to find the right thing to say. Either this was a great dream, or God had finally decided to lighten up on him a little.

He knew that praying had to be good for something.

"I never really stop thinking about you," he said a little awkwardly, still not sure how that came out.

"But if you're serious about me moving in with you," he added quickly with a smirk, changing the subject, "then there's absolutely no way I could ever deny Ryuichi Sakuma."
Ryuichi blushed a little bit. Guess it's definitely mutual then, he thought. "Yay!" he said. "So...when do you want to?"
"Er-- whenever, I guess."

He laughed a bit to himself. This conversation put him in a great mood. Really, he could hardly believe that any of this was real. But since it was, he decided that making the best of it was the best option.

"When do you want me to move in?" he asked a little playfully.
Ryuichi stepped around behind Tatsuha and wrapped his arm around his shoulders. "I'd say now but I'm pretty sure your dad would complain...." he breathed into the teen's ear.
Tatsuha would have blushed quite noticeably and gotten rather hot if he were a hormonal teenager who was being hit on by his favorite celebrity.


Oh, wait, that was exactly what he was.

"I'll talk him into it," he purred mischievously back to the God of Everything. There was no way Tatsuha was letting this opportunity slip through his fingers! No way.
Ryuichi smirked and kissed Tatsuha on the cheek. "Okay, I'll wait out here, okay?" He let him go and sat back down under the tree.


Oh yeah there was one more thing.

"Tatsuha, tell your dad I'll kidnap you anyway if he says no!" Ryuichi grinned mischeivously and hugged Kumagoro.
Tatsuha blinked and looked back for a moment, slightly bewildered with Ryuichi's actions. All of his dreams were finally coming true. It was a little funny thinking about it, because in his younger years the monk used to imagine that he would someday move in with the star. Oh, how the ball of life was suddenly in his court.

He grinned.

"Yeah, I'll be right back."